Founder & Director, Phoenix

Phoenix Institute stands for discipline, regularity and its commitment to excellence. We also strive to keep ourselves abreast of our times to be able to create an environment at Institute that nurtures social, physical,intellectual and emotional domains of our children to make them understand that everyone of them are special.

As an educator what I personally believe is every parent must expect four things from an institute. 1.Best teachers 2. Value added, material with decent number of MCQ's. 3. Regular test and evaluation 4. Personal care in weak topics. And at phoenix I am bound to provide this basic and must have facilities to each and every child studying here. I am a strong believer of technology and its role in education, sol constantly strive to update and improve teaching aids as frequently as possible

At Phoenix, we help students to select their interests, in advance, which helps them to identify their talent and to work in the correct direction.

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